Review: Katie Stelmanis at The Lexington

I wrote a ‘proper’ third person review for The Line Of Best Fit, I’ll post a link when it’s up. In the meantime, I shall do a nice ol’ ramble-y first person review here.

Now that it’s inconvenient and effortsome for me to pop home before gigs, it means I have to mill about and kill time. London’s weather decided to go schizo and bucket it down with some hard rain, so I stopped in Miso and got some nom noms. Because I am somewhat nonsensical at the best of times, I decided to walk up to Lexington in the rain. It was quite lovely. I took a ‘short cut’ through some residential area of Islington, but because I got lost and disoriented it actually ended up being a long cut.

The first band didn’t start for ages, which was fine by me because we happened to have the best DJ EVER(!). I usually don’t like most of the stuff DJs play at the shows I go to, but this one was brilliant, she played My Girls, Bruises, Two Weeks… and Doubt/Hope (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!). Brilliant. Even the songs I didn’t know I thoroughly enjoyed. The lady from Fanfarlo was also knocking around, she played Gila. WIN.

The first band were called Veronica Falls, an indie pop four piece. Katie Stelmanis played a decently long set, she has such a brilliant voice. I saw her last week with She Keeps Bees, and she was great then too. Her songs are bouncy and fun and her vocals are epic, it was very enjoyable. 

That was a lazy review, sorry. My excuse is that my ear is currently throbbing and it is very painful. So painful. Ouch. I will post my other review once it’s up. 

I went to this show by myself and randomly met another photographer, his name is Simon and his photos are amazing. Check out his website. Love this photo of Owen/Final Fantasy. Sweet.



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