Review: Laura Hocking at Mother Bar

When I saw Laura was playing at Mother Bar it reminded me of the hilarity of this and put images like this in my mind. Only 2 letters difference. Hahaha, I am laughing just reading the synopsis of that episode.¬†“Lucille wants to take Michael, because Buster has become moody after losing his hand.“. So funny.

I had a couple of hours to kill after finishing work, so I took a stroll down to Rough Trade. A couple of the guys from Black Lips were there spinning some tunes. I didn’t stick around for long, I went on an epic walk in search of an arts & crafts shop, which proved to be a less than fruitful venture.

It was with pleasure that 8′o’clock came and I milled back up to Hoxton. I’d never been to Mother Bar before, but it’s a really nice place. It’s got sweet wallpaper and is upstairs, pretty big too. The guy who owns the club, Arnold (?), showed me around, he was very lovely. He played a couple of songs then a Swede called Milena played. I was so ridiculously tired from: a) being at work all day b) my epic walk with my heavy backpack c) staying at a friend’s place the night before because of tube strikes and d) the thought of the long journey back while tubes were still crazy.¬†Then Laura played. It was just her playing solo. She was brilliant. She’s got a lovely voice and some great songs. Listen to her. She also did a Spice Girls cover which was extra win-worthy. I don’t know the name of the song, it wasn’t that zigzag one. Description: fail. Anyway, Laura is really good and worth catching if you get the chance.

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  1. Chongy June 13, 2009 at 7:15 pm #

    You DO review everything! Heh. I envy you; damn tube strike.

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