Review: Lisa Mitchell at Water Rats

I am bad at keeping up with news. It tends to get to me through osmosis, I only ever buy the Evening Standard when they are flogging their last copies for 10p, and I can’t stand radio. But, because London is the centre of the UK, I’m sure all British folk must have heard about this tube strike. For the benefit of anyone who hasn’t: there is a tube strike. It is supposedly going to last 48 hours and cost London £££££££££. This would not have been a problem for me last week, when I still lived in THE zone (zone 1) but now I live a bit further up North (so far North that I am practically South, Zone 5) it made this gig a bit of a hassle.

I really wanted to see Lisa play and so in defiance of the tube strike, I just went to the gig. I tried to be good humored about the whole thing and just worry about how long it would take me to get back later. 

According to Wikipedia, Lisa is 3ish weeks older than me and born in Canterbury (best place in Kent). She grew up in Australia and thus has an Australian accent. I was surprised to see her play with a full band consisting of a bassist, a second guitarist, drummer and keyboard player. All had mics which made for fun sing alongs particularly on songs like Neopolitan Dreams. She was cheerful and chatty and, especially for an opening band, managed to pull a decent sized audience who all seemed really into it. Her songs are poppy and folky and easy to tap your heels to. I loved her set and would happily see her again. She’s got a new record out this year, be sure to investigate. Here is her Myspace.

Walking, waiting, train, waiting, bus, walking… and back to the beginning. It took an age to get back, if I had my bicycle and knew the way I could probably have cycled here quicker. Booo. But it was worth it, she was wonderful!

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  1. Robin @ Breaking More Waves June 11, 2009 at 12:00 pm #

    I was also at this gig… yeah it certainly took a while for me to get home as well !

    You can catch another write up at my blog

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