Review: Matt & Kim at The Old Blue Last

SWEATFEST. It was hot. Matt and Kim were literally pouring with sweat. Enough sweat to drown several small, had any been present in the room. Anyway, I’ll start at the beginning.

I got there just after 8 and with no sign of doors opening I moseyed round to Tesco and indulged in some reduction (half price!) price pancakes. Mmm. To cut a long story short, the PA had blown during soundcheck and they were having major troubles. They didn’t let us upstairs until 10. And the band didn’t start for another 20 minutes or so. 

When the band finally took to the stage the place went nuts. The Old Blue Last isn’t very big at all. People were crowdsurfing and thrashing about. Kim even had a voyage into the crowd, and upon her return to the stage hi-fived Matt. The pair of them are insanely happy, constantly smiling and clearly loving playing. It was very endearing and refreshing, I can imagine some bands might have been a bit exhausted by such a big technical issue, but not Matt & Kim! Well, I’m sure they were, but they didn’t show it.

Matt repeatedly thanked the crowd and said it made up for the day that they had and made everything worth it. Awwh. Matt & Kim play high energy pop songs with a punk attitude, they released their latest album Grand earlier this year. The duo are from Brooklyn, and after Matt’s keyboard started to stop working (after being drenched in sweat) he remarked ‘the only place this ever happens in Brooklyn, New York!’. Matt suggested that some people by the bar ‘crowdsurf some water’ to the people down the front. NOOOOOOOOO! I get nervous when water is being thrown about, wet camera = no fun. Luckily most of the water that was chucked landed on everyone else and only my leg, with a splash on my gear but nothing too bad. I wonder how the pair can play with so much intensity every night. At the end of their set they played the Final Countdown tune. Epic! They finished at just past 11, it was more than worth the wait and I would definately recommend seeing them live.

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