Review: Nouvelle Vague at Pure Groove

I popped along to Pure Groove to see Nouvelle Vague, despite never properly listening to them. What a wise decision I made. All I knew is they’re French and they’ve played at The Forum. I was chatting with friends before the band played and they said they do alot of covers and that I’d recognize songs as they’ve been in adverts.

Pure Groove was pretty busy and I was quite intrigued. The band have a date at the Roundhouse later this year, so I knew it was pretty special to see them in such a tiny venue. For non-London folk, you should know that London is HOT right now. So all these people crammed into tiny little Pure Groove made for quite a HOT show. The band played a full set of 10 songs, opening with Killing Moon.

There were two singers, a guitarist and a keyboardist. The singers were both very charismatic, dancing about and singing passionately. The keyboard guy was fun too, shaking his hips around and getting the audience to clap. Pure Groove’s audiences can be pretty dead sometimes, but this crowd was brilliant! Dancing along and clapping, there was a sweet atmosphere. For the final song both singers left the stage to dance in the audience. I know that if the crowd had been more reserved then it could have been quite awkward, but it wasn’t like that at all. There seemed to be quite a few big Nouvelle Vague fans about who sang along. After their set they got a huge cheer and applause, and deservedly so. I loved them and I would be more than happy to catch them again some time. Fantastic, I love when you go to shows not knowing what to expect and then come away thinking ‘wow’. Wow, indeed. 

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