Review: She Keeps Bees at The Britannia

Oh my! I momentarily forget how many amazing things I am lucky enough to witness within the space of a week, and then I remember and get all swoony.  After work I marauded over to Victoria park, but because I am stupid I decided to take a ‘short cut’ and go a different way from the route I took last time. FOOL! I came to a junction and took a right instead of a left and got a bit lost but I eventually made it there. Next week I’ll make it with no hitches. Hopefully!

Feeling tired and exhausted due to my ongoing earache, I took a seat at a table. I took the privilege of having a hard, non moving surface to lean on (I always want to draw on the tube, but it’s too bouncy) and started drawing.

Jessica happened past and sat. Both her and Andy are very warm, friendly people. She said they went to NME radio earlier in the day and said how the experience was bizarre. They had their dinner and it wasn’t long before Alma Nofear started. They played bouncy, gypsy-esque folk pop. They were very enjoyable. But, it was She Keeps Bees that unsurprisingly stole the show. They are spectacular, I loved it and would happily watch them play for hours. Jessica has such an amazing voice. They didn’t play Ribbon last week, so when Jessica put down her guitar and came back to the mic I got pretty excited. It was stunning. Vocals, handclaps and drums. Perfect. I can only write good things about She Keeps Bees, they are a band you HAVE to come see live. There are still a couple more dates of their residency at The Britannia. I’ll be there next Wednesday, especially now I am enlightened to the fastest route there and how to get back.

Listen to She Keeps Bees.

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