Review: She Keeps Bees at The Britannia

I feel late reviewing this show, since Shonen Knife review-queue jumped. Another sunny Wednesday in London, another She Keeps Bees-centric evening. Splendid! This time I did not get lost and my journey there was hitch-free, bravo indeed. I walked at a very leisurely pace in the sun, the venue is about two miles from where I work.

Because I left straight after work I got there early. One thing I like at shows is when someone taps me on the shoulder and I turn around and see who it is. Such is the nature of London gigs, it could be anyone. As I was standing contemplating buying a cold beverage someone came up to the side of me. Because my hearing is still kind of muggy I didn’t notice until I turned around, it was Jessica! Yay. She asked about my ear and said they’d been up to Manchester during the week. Lovely indeed. She and Andy nommed some pasta and I got to work on my comics. I actually managed to complete two comics that evening. Also, I sat at a table with an old man. He was amazing. He kept making cat sick noises, it was kind of creepy and unnerving. He seemed into the music though, shaking his hand about. Cool character. It was nice to have a couple of friends turn up, one is a friend who came to the first She Keeps Bees show at the Britannia and digged it and the other was Cian who runs the tasty blog See What You Hear. More than worth a read and a listen.

The first band were poppy and fun. Then it was Left With Pictures who were very lovely indeed. British folky pop signed to sweet Organ Grinder Records. Check them out, here is their Myspace. Oh! Actually, the best place to check them out is on the Tamesis dock on July 14th, with, my favourite, Alessi’s Ark. Information here.

Round three of She Keeps Bees. This was the busiest the Britannia had been, with people actually standing up this time. They opened with Ribbon, which is a brilliant, brilliant, amazing song which showcases how absolutely marvelous Jessica’s voice is. There is a change in tempo towards the end and it just kills me, it’s so good. Jess and Andy were on top form, as good as ever. At one point the cat-sick-noise-making old man wandered up in front of Jessica while she was playing, and stood there for a minute or two. It was completely bizarre and hilarious and Jessica was clearly resisting the temptation to have a dance off with him/laugh. She did a good job and cat sick man returned to the back of the room. 

After the show Jessica super sweetly gave me a copy of the band’s first album Minisink Hotel. I listened the next day and I love it. It features Lucille, which is one of the first She Keeps Bees songs I heard and adored. Worth hunting down.

Next week is the last date of the residency, DO NOT MISS IT. The Britannia is pretty easy to get back from, there’s a bus that goes from about 30 seconds away from the pub to Bethnal Green and Liverpool Street. The shows are usually done by half ten. And really, why would you miss it!? It’s free. What a steal. She Keeps Bees are a fantastic band, one to witness live.

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