Review: Shonen Knife at Pure Groove

This show has queue jumped in terms of what to review first. I shall set the scene! It was a warm, clammy day in London. Blue skies and bright sun. Lovely to get out of the office and over to Pure Groove.

A few folk and I galavanted down from Hoxton to Farringdon to catch this Japanese three piece. I have had no listening history with them, my knowledge of them does not extend far either. Adam informs me that they once supported Nirvana, have been a band for over 20 years, and one of them is 49. Amazing. I absolutely adored them.

They played cutesy punk pop with extravagant hand gestures. The lead singer, Naoko Yamano, spoke fragmented English and it was very, very endearing. The songs were hardly instrumental masterpieces, but that’s what made them so brilliant! Before each song  Naoko would explain what it was going to be about, in pretty much the cutest way ever. I didn’t know any of their songs previously, but I do now! They’re catchy! Introducing one song, Naoko mused ‘this song is about barnacle. You know, barnacle? They stick on rock. Like parasite. This song is called Barnacle, about, barnacle.’ and then continued to sing the song, with the lyrics ‘Barnacle, barnacle, this is the song about the barnacle.’. BRILLIANT.

I adored every song, including the awesome Pyramid Power song, a song about the amazing qualities of a pyramid, which also featured pyramid hand gestures. I loved it. If you are in a bad mood or need cheering up, go to a Shonen Knife show. If you are happy and want to be happier, go to a Shonen Knife show. Go see them live, full stop. Such a sweet, uplifting band. I picked up their setlist after and it’s written in cute Japanese letters and is definately my favourite setlist I have ever come to acquire.

… and I just checked their Myspace, and their picture is of them making a power pyramid. Amazing. I’m tempted to see them again on Monday. If you ever get the chance to see them, go go go!

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