Review: Slow Club at the ICA

After work I milled to Pure Groove where I stayed for one and a half songs of Hafdis Huld before I got the giggles and had to leave. It seemed like a joke to me. Bizarre. I made it to the ICA and had a look in the shop. They had the Nobrow magazine which has some of Leah Hayes’ work in. I wanted to buy it, but for £9 I could buy a whole meal at Nandos, so I gave it a miss.

I wasn’t really into the first act. I was by the speakers and my eardrums were rattling and I just wanted it to end. It was just a guy playing guitar along to his ipod. The second act however, Viking Moses, was brilliant. He had bounds of energy and sang in a deep voice, often in a comical way. He managed to maintain an endearing charm throughout his whole set, there was something quite anti-folk about it all. For his last two songs he was joined by Charles and Rebecca. Lovely.

Slow Club were on top form. This was the fourth time I’ve seen them. The first time I saw them was half a year ago, when they played in the tiny tiny Buffalo Bar. The band clearly have gained quite a devout following, and deservedly so. They’re a fun band, brilliant performers and they have some really delightful songs. The show tonight was in honor of the launch of single It Doesn’t Always Have To Be Beautiful. The song has been knocking about for a while, and I love the album version the duo have recorded. They opened and closed the set with songs sung in the centre of the crowd, which was particularly sweet. They played with so much energy, tearing through the songs. They had to stretch things out with stage banter, which was warmly received. The pair seem to be genuinely lovely folk, making jokes and telling anecdotes about random things. They stopped in the middle of When I Go to debate how awesome their whistle solo just was, and then Charles went on to talk about paying £50 for parking. That’s London for you. They returned to the song and it was beautiful. They played oldie Slow Club Summer Shakedown, and they rounded it all off with Christmas TV. Lovely indeed and I would definately recommend catching this band and watching out for them, I suspect 2009 is going to be a big one for Slow Club.

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