Review: Wildbirds & Peacedrums at the Camden Barfly

So what would you rather, for me catch up with reviews for the other shows I’ve been to this week OR read another Wildbirds & Peacedrums review right now? Well. The latter happened. Yay.

Today went by painfully slow, from the moment I woke up all I wanted was for it to be the end of the day so I could see Wildbirds. Finally, the end of the day came and I went up to Camden to meet up with Bobbles. He tried to talk to me but I kept interrupting and hyperventilating and swooning all over the place. I’m not very good company when I am unable to be calm.

We nommed some food and then marauded up to the Barfly. They let us in at 8 and we had to wait half an hour for W&P. I previously moaned about the fact that they weren’t headlining, but I am actually glad they went first, because I would have been ridiculously impatient if I had to sit through any sub-par support acts. Andreas appeared from a door and spotted me. I waved frantically. I am not cool at the best of times, but Wildbirds really have the ability to make me recede into an adoring 11 year old-esque fan. I throw thumbs up around like it’s nobody’s business. 

They were brilliant as usual. I love Mariam’s low, bass-y drawl. But on the flipside, pow! She sings as great at the other end of the scale. She owns the scale. It’s hers. Andreas: king of the drums. They’re the perfect duo. So talented, so unique. I’ve not yet seen a band that captivates me quite like they do. My only complaint was that the set was so brief. They played Chain of Steel first. Chain of Steel leads right into There Is No Light when they do it live. I love it. There Is No Light was especially playful, with Mariam alternately singing into her handheld mic and her regular mic. I love when she does that.  So Soft So Pink then Doubt/Hope, and then they closed with My Heart. Swoon. The steel drum/drum part that falls right after the pause is to die for. The quiet part; it’s like the calm before the storm. I love hearing that song live, I love the way Mariam adds in ‘hey!’ parts, and draws out words. Perfect.

After their set I did some gushing to Mariam and Andreas, it was nice to see them again. Bobbles seems to think my love for them is scary, but they don’t seem to be scared by my over enthusiasm. Yip! Tomorrow will be epic, Mariam seemed really excited. She says they haven’t practiced yet. I think that’s brilliant. 

So, if you are one of the few folks who aren’t at Dan Deacon, come see them tomorrow at The Coronet, It will be special.


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