Review: Wildbirds & Peacedrums at The Coronet

Ah. I was very, hyperventilating-ly, excited about this show. I couldn’t help it. I love this band. We stopped in Nandos beforehand to ensure we made the most of being in Elephant & Castle. Mmm, tasty location maximization. Seemingly, almost everyone else of the gig-going disposition was at Dan Deacon. From what I’ve heard (mostly from Adam) he is an amazing performer, and so I would have liked to have gone to that too. But alas, it would take a lineup of 2 or 3 of my favourite bands or Scary Mansion or someone I’ve never seen before, to pull me away from Wildbirds.

Inside the huge venue it was all very bizarre. The instruments were mysteriously placed in the centre of the (very big) room, and there was strange music playing. Things got stranger when we had to listen to a dire, absolutely terrible dubstep duo for half an hour. It just went on and on and on and on. Spoken word (stupid words, trying to be ‘deep’) in a cheesy accent over electronic music. Not my cup of tea. 

Finally, after what felt like decades, Wildbirds & drum ensemble appeared. They pulled out their instruments and formed a literal drum circle. They opened with Nakina, which was an interesting choice. It seemed that the drum circle were mostly just a bunch of randoms, a few of them were great, but it mostly looked very easy. I had never heard the band do Nakina before so I was happy to hear it. There was lots of inbetween-y parts so the songs all flowed into one another, which is one thing I love. We shook our keys along with the rattles, which was fun. There Is No Light and then Today/Tomorrow were next. They were both always going to be epic, especially the drum part in Today/Tomorrow. Absolutely brilliant. These were the only songs they had setlisted, then they stopped. After shouts for more they did The Window, which was my favourite. Mariam’s voice went during the song, but she disguised it well and it actually sounded great.

My one complaint is, I WANT MORE! Come on, 4 songs!? Mostly, I would have been happy if they just did My Heart additionally, I have an addiction to the steel drum/drum interface and, out of the now seven times I’ve seen the duo, this is the first time they didn’t play it. Which disappointed me because I thought it was a staple in their set. They did play for half an hour or so, and it was more than worth the entry fee, but I just wanted more. Doubt/Hope would have been great, and I’m dying to hear them do Great Lines.

So, basically, I have no complaints and nothing but praise for the actual performance itself, but I feel like I need more Wildbirds! NEED. The band have been confirmed for Lattitude so hopefully a headline show in the summer, I can’t wait until September to see them. Ages away! To conclude: I love this band and I want to see them play more. More My Heart!

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  1. Lee Allatson June 7, 2009 at 9:31 am #

    Hi Anika (in London)
    Nice write up here!
    You’re certainly right about the ‘random’ness of the drum circle – we only met up that day and put the whole thing together. Indeed, there were non-drummers and seasoned players too and I think the band were aiming for something quite visceral, so hopefully that came across?!
    An encore hadn’t been planned at all, so playing The Window was a shock to everyone and was totally improvised from the word go!
    W&P are a very special band and I’ve got the deepest respect for the braveness of what they put together for this event and I’m real glad I made the trip down to play – lovely folks!
    Thanks again for the words. It’s good to hear that the set came over well.
    Lee x

    • anikainlondon June 9, 2009 at 10:24 pm #

      Hey Lee,

      Thanks! Glad you had a good time playing with the band, it was absolute pleasure to witness. I would have happily stayed there and heard their entire repertoire that way. Astounding band, I think they’re brilliant.

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