Review: Yndi Halda at Union Chapel

On Saturday I ventured to the daylight music show at Union Chapel.

Bella Union-ers Snowbird (featuring label boss Simon Raymonde) and Paul Marshall were the supports. It was my third time seeing Snowbird. Stephanie Dosen is a very funny lady, if not a little scary. Scary in a good way. I had also seen Paul Marshall before. That’s the way with gigs, if you go to enough you end up seeing the same supports again and again sooner or later.

Yndi Hada really stole the show. They were an instrumental delight. The five-piece apparently hail from Canterbury, which makes me happy because Canterbury is pretty local to my hometown (it has a Nandos too. Yay). They played epic, mostly instrumental, music. They had some pretty cool chime-y instruments, which was basically like a broken up glockenspiel, with each band member holding a piece and shaking it to make it sound. It was fun to watch as well as sweet to listen to. I would recommend catching them live, very good indeed.


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  1. eve June 24, 2009 at 1:17 am #

    yeah snowbird were wonderful..stephanie dosen is such a one-off..incredible voice and i like her jokes

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