She Keeps Bees! Characteristically amazing. I’ll write more later. There’s only so many things you can say when you see the same band three times in the same venue, but, I don’t have a problem with being repetitive. AMAZING. I’m going to see the Low Anthem tomorrow and probably Shonen Knife too. I’ll review this show later. In the meantime, here is a video of what is probably one of my favourite songs of 2009. That tempo change towards the end just kills me. So good:

Jess is lovely. She gave me a copy of the band’s first album, Minisink¬†Hotel, which I am super excited to hear. I’ll put it on my ipod tomorrow and give it several (virtual) spins at work, I’m sure.

To all the folk who are kindly asking about my ear- it’s nearly better! I still can only listen with one earphone in (I figure it’s best to rest it until it’s completely back to normal) but there’s no more pain anymore and I seem to be recovering my hearing. Yay. Fingers crossed it will be completely fine by the end of the weekend. Thank you, kind folk, for taking concern.


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