Scary scary scary mansion

If I got like 50p every time someone read my blog, at the end of the week I would have enough money to go to New York for a night to see Scary Mansion on July 9th. The worrying thing is, I would actually do that. Go to New York for the duration of the gig, then return to London. Boo-hoo, I like Scary Mansion too much. I can’t help it. So good. 

So if you would like to send me 50p, send me an email and send me your address and I will draw a heart with your face in the center. Send me a picture of your face too. Alternatively, if anyone would like to send me to New York or take me with them, that would be fun too. I will carry your luggage. OR, if somebody rich over here would like to bring Scary Mansion over, that would be good too. Yes. And THIS is why I shouldn’t blog about Scary Mansion while listening to Scary Mansion. I get carried away. I don’t remember gushing praise or saying anything OTT to Leah when I spoke to her. I have a tendency to do that. Or I get in the ‘so good’ trap, where all I can say for about 5 minutes is ‘that was SO good’ with emphasis alternating between ‘so’ and ‘good’. 

I just listened to Every Joke three times in a row. I want to go so bad. It’s like Paris all over again. That was a bit of a delusional idea that actually happened.  But yes, actually I would like to go anywhere. If anyone would like someone to follow them about carrying stuff, I’m your girl. I have no real skillz or talents hence why I would only be able to carry stuff. I can’t make coffee. I can make tea though. A disclaimer should be that I’m not very strong either, and I tend to have no lifting power unless I am adequately fed. I’m not a fussy eater, although I am a fussy drinker. OJ is my beverage of choice. I guess I can document your life in low quality comic book form, or photo form. I especially want to go to Alaska.

Ok this post has made no sense, apologies. All I wanted to say is Scary Mansion is one of my favourite things, EVER, and now I am listening to this and it’s good.

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