Sharon Van Etten

So… I’m on a roll here. While I’m on this blogathon, I feel obliged to blog about amazing amazing amazing Sharon Van Etten. Her 2009 release Because I Was In Love is beautiful, and frequently keeps my good ear company at work. I met a lovely fellow at a Metric show who was starting to dig Sharon’s music, and he handily went to Brooklyn recently. He has kindly been keeping me informed and updated about his adventures and how wonderful Sharon’s shows are. It’s sweet because I feel like I am there in spirit (!). 

Here is a video of Sharon being incredible in Central Park:

Wowee. That voice touches my heart, so beautiful. So, so, so beautiful. Those boats, however, traumatize me. When I was there, almost a year ago now, a dragonfly landed on me. Not one of those docile small ones we have over here, one of those GIANT KILLER INSANE ones you folk get in America. I shut my eyes and was not happy. My dad had to brush it off. Scary times.

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