She Keeps Bees tonight

Man! I really love that band name. She Keeps Bees in London, tonight. She Keeps Bees during the tube strike. She Keeps Bees in a pub. YEAH! Anyway.

It took me FOUR HOURS (!) to get into work, probably wouldn’t have taken much longer to walk it. Really. I walked, got 3 buses, got a tube and an overground train, got given an origami swan by a stranger and witnessed 2 old ladies duel it out on the bus. Favourite quote ever:

“Shut your mouth!”

“You shut YOUR mouth! If I was 50 years younger, I’d shut it for you.”

It made me laugh. For a long time. I am immature. Luckily I have avoided tube strike mayhem¬† tonight and am staying with a friend in Hackney so I can see She Keeps Bees. I’m lucky.

It’s at the Britannia pub and is free. I won’t have blogging capabilities until I return to work tomorrow, but I’ll be working so I won’t be able to use them. Boo. I will hopefully be seeing Laura Hocking tomorrow night providing the show is unaffected by the tube strike. Then on Friday it’s the Leisure Society/Willkommen Collective bonanza at Union Chapel. Can’t wait for that.

So now I shall head to Hackney. I will walk the way according to my hand drawn map, which makes it more exciting. Fun times!


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