Stillness Is The Move

Like everyone in the blogosphere, I am a bit in love with Stillness Is The Move from Dirty Projector’s latest record, Bitte Orca. I went to Rough Trade today and saw they had copies of the album on vinyl. I wanted one (!). But then I saw they had 12″ Stillness singles fpr £5. The record features an a cappella version of the song (!). Mega swoon! I don’t have a record player at uni, so I’ll have to wait until tomorrow to hear it, but I can’t wait.

I also picked up a 7″ Why Do You Let Me Stay Here? She & Him single. To go with Volume One.

I wanted to get Sharon Van Etten’s LP but I didn’t have enough money for anything else. Boooo, next time. It was nice to buy some tangible stuff, I rarely by anything at all apart from food. I can’t even remember the last ‘thing’ I bought. It was probably over a month ago. And I have a feeling it was St Vincent’s Marry Me LP and the Actor single. I also saw the Au Revoir Simone Shadows 7″. I felt inclined to get it but I wasn’t really digging the black, shadow-y artwork. I didn’t see The Snake anywhere either.

Everyone seems to have their own reason for buying vinyl, I do it because I love big artwork and to I like to hear the b-sides. Besides dying to hear the a cappella version of Stillness, I also think the artwork looks pretty fancy big. The cover is shiny. I like shiny things. I’d like to get the LP too sometime, so they can be vinyl BFFs and match. I like the smell of new things too. New new new!


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