Alessi’s Ark-The Robot

Phew! This is some mass blogging, right here. Because I go to shows all the time I can’t go a couple of days without blogging or else I have 2379923190120 photos to process and 332980981320831323212 shows to review. How dramatic. Anyway…

Handily, a gentleman, clearly of good taste, added me on stalker-tool Twitter and had a link to his sweet blog which, yay, features some videos from Alessi’s show at Hyde Park. Check it out.

Here is The Robot.

I love that song. 

Alessi has a show tomorrow at the Lexington, come! It will be awesome. There’s time to pop to Pure Groove before and catch Slow Club too. If I manage to get to bed within the next 40 minutes I won’t be too tired tomorrow and will thus be super excitable. I can’t wait to hear her play again. It’s been like a week and three days since I last heard her play. That’s a week and two days TOO LONG. 


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