Alessi’s Brain Bulletin with Scary Mansion

Oh wow, too much brilliance in one sentence. Alessi wrote a little piece for The Line Of Best Fit recommending some tasty music. Namely, the super genius that is Leah Hayes. Man, if Alessi and Leah played a show together, anywhere in the world, I would make a mission to see that show. Having two of my most favourite musicians in one room together would probably cause me to overheat and die, or something equally dramatic.

If you still haven’t investigated Leah, then do it! She is just a fountain of amazing stuff. Such a talent, I adore everything she does. You only need to mention Scary Mansion to me to set me off gushing about how incredibley talented Leah is. Similarly, mention Alessi to me and prepare to be waiting a long time for me to finish up on how wonderful she is. I hope the universe and the matchmaking abilities that be pull Leah and Alessi together sooner or later. And then, we just need to filter Wilbirds into that mix and then, life: complete.

Read the article on The Line Of Best Fit. Also, check it, isn’t that the grossest ever brain you have ever seen? I have surpassed myself.

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  1. fulltext July 4, 2009 at 2:32 am #

    lol yes, gross it is … but couldn’t it be pink or grey, please?

    It is much too brown!

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