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You, you, you. I think 1am is a funny time. It’s one of two things: 1) bed time or 2) the time when it should be bed time but I am awake thinking up ideas that usually get discontinued either by 8am or shortly after. Perhaps luckily I am usually too tired and shops are closed at 1am (why?!) so I don’t usually put any of these plans into action. I say ‘plans’, they’re usually vague and not very effective or likely and usually involve me undertaking some massive project like writing a novel or making something that either nobody or very few folk would take interest in.

Anyway, here is my latest silly idea that I am awake enough to put into action. Basically, send me an email with your details and I’ll make you a comic about you. Admittedly, my abilities are poor, but I figure it will hopefully be… charming? Perhaps not. I think it would be alot of fun for me, though. I thought $3 + $2 postage to anywhere was fair (I have no idea what is ‘fair’ though, really) for half an hour of my time. So here is my store that I set up in April (probably at 1am) and never put anything in. But now it has 1 thing in, so yay. Click click click.

I don’t know, perhaps this idea will be discontinued at 8am, but it would be kind of fun and sweet if it wasn’t. Ah, 1am: DANGER TIME!


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