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Oh my! I’ve been so busy lately. I had Thursday night in but I can’t remember if I achieved anything. Friday I caught Cymbals Eats Guitars and had a free whole chicken at Nandos (!!!). I shared it though, and it was still too much food. I have such an epic back catalogue of comics to fill in, it will literally take hours. But, after just completing a comic I am pretty excited, it’s really lovely to just sit and draw. I’ve been so busy doing other things, I knew I missed it but I didn’t realise how much until just now when I finished this comic:

Rich Gets A Salt Beef Bagel and Alessi and I Get A Free WHOLE CHICKEN


A comic about last Friday, in which I go to work, eat stuff, Rich eats stuff, we see Cymbals Eat Guitars, I meet up with Alessi, we eat stuff, walk for a bit, then eat more stuff.

Lucky to have so many great people and things in my life. I’d like to spend the day drawing comics and listening to amazing music. How lovely.

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