Fatal Flaw

The new Scary Mansion record is going to set the world off into some sort of cosmic imbalance because it will be SO good. Lately, perhaps it’s because I’ve been kind of stressed, which is weird because I’m pretty good at avoiding stressing, but money and househunting really gives me headache, anyway, lately I’ve been a bit disheartened because I haven’t got any shows I’m having heart attacks over until She Keeps Bees come back. But then I listen to Scary Mansion and my faith in the world is restored just thinking about how sweet it’s going to be next time I get to hear Scary Mansion play. 


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  1. kit July 26, 2009 at 7:26 pm #

    i’m so glad your blog introduced me to Scary Mansion… I got their album today and it makes me so … happy! :) Thank you!

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