Heartless Bastards- The Mountain

Alessi is always saying how amazing Heartless Bastards are. I think their name is a bit un-friendly. Anyway, I have been so so so busy this past month I haven’t had much time to investigate things straight away. I’ve had a passing listen to the band before, I intended to catch them at Pure Groove (but then I had my, now pointless, maths exam that day). So, fast forward to July. Here we are in the month of July. Mid-July, no less. Two months since they played at Pure Groove. Where have those two months escaped to? Time has been so warped this year. There are tiers of likelihood in terms of whether I will get around to listening to something…

If you are one of those frustrating PRs or one of the bands themselves who email me with a generic ‘hi there….’ email asking me to listen to your band, it’s probably going to take me a long time before I get round to it. If you write me a nice email then I’m more likely. If you write me a handwritten note then I’ll like you alot and probably try sooner. If you make me a mix cd with a handwritten tracklist then you win and I will listen as soon as possible. Alessi is a winner, she knows where it’s at. She put The Mountain on there and I listened with my full attention and it was lovely.

Singer Erika Wennerstrom has a beautiful, low voice and there are sweet slide guitar. Mmm, tasty music. Here is their Myspace. Also, because I am kind of stubborn, I reluctantly listen to music by bands who I know I’ve missed the opportunity to see recently, because it makes me feel a bit sad. But, it’s worth it! Listen, listen, listen.

And here is The Mountain, which is the title track from the band’s latest record:

I’ll investigate the album as soon as I can.

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