I want to go to New York.

Huff. I kind of feel like spending three weeks worth of wages to go to New York for 1 day to see Scary Mansion on the 25th. This is equivalent to two months worth of rent. I feel a bit lost and I figure there is no better way to be found than an impromptu trip out of the country alone. I wish! I guess I will just listen to this alot instead:

I see St. Vincent kindly linked to me, so while so many new folk are visiting I would very much love to recommend Scary Mansion. Scary Mansion is the project of Brooklyn based Leah Hayes who is pretty much one of the most talented people on the face of the earth. Yes, she is that amazing. Every Joke Is Half The Truth was one of my favourite records from last year and I’m pretty sure her forthcoming record will be a favourite this year. Leah has such a beautiful, fragile voice that I love so much. Not only that, she is a hugely talented illustrator. I hold Scary Mansion very dear to my heart and I hope you can love Leah’s amazing songs as much as I do. Here is the Scary Mansion Myspace and you can see her illustrations here.

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