Photo: St. Vincent at Bella Union at 02 Wireless

Oh my. On a scale of 1 to 10, my love for St Vincent is 8273471230923. She is amazing. In the top 5 live acts of the year for me. Brilliant. I can’t wait to see her again on Wednesday (!!!).  I am so insanely busy, I don’t think I am going to have time to blog about this properly for a few days. So, a mini recap now:

Annie played with a band. It was rockin’. I spent the whole set in swoon mode. Marrow! Oh my. That song is so killer. After the set I wanted to speak to her so I could be all ‘ohmmmmygoodnessyouareamazing’ at her. I did just that. She was so lovely and remembered me from the interview we did and said she’s seen my photos before and that I go to alot of shows and said they’re good. What an honor. And! What a joy; we chatted about, the very dear to my heart, She Keeps Bees who she played a show with yesterday. And also lovely lovely lovely Sharon Van Etten and Scary Mansion. And she saw Wildbirds & Peacedrums in comics and said she loved them. GOOD. I love them too. I love all of these bands. A treat to speak with Annie again and a real pleasure to watch her perform, such a talented musician who I admire and respect hugely. I can’t wait to see her play at the ICA on Wednesday.

Sorry I am so excitable. I knew this would be a good week. I knew it! Hurrah!

Also, I have so much love for Bella Union. They are a fantastic record label run by truly lovely people who care so much about music. I dig that hugely.

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