Review: Alessi’s Ark at the Lexington

Mooooooooooore Alessi’s Ark. Yay. I’ve listened to her album so many times and I’ve seen her play so many times and it feels like I have blogged about her so many times. But! Why? Why do I keep going back? Because she is amazing! I’m so glad she lives in London.

It’s like having a bakery right by your house that makes the best bread ever, and you could go to a different bakery, but you know your favourite bakery is going to be consistently awesome and you’ve been there so many times all the staff know you and they know your order off by heart. Obviously, it’s good to eat other foods besides bread, so there’s a greengrocers nearby and then a shop that has various edible items. Then there are awesome imports that come from Sweden and Brooklyn, and when the supply for those items is high you snatch them up, but they always end up going away. The bakery stays put though. I love the bakery. One reason, amongst many, why the bakery is so brilliant is that every loaf of bread is a bit different. Sometimes you get it cut thick, sometimes thin. Sometimes you opt out of bread and go for a croissant. Sometimes the bakery offers rare items that they only bake every now and again. And that, my friends, is why the bakery is awesome.

I think I should review every band as if they are an item of food. Come see Alessi’s Ark next week. Listen to the songs. Find a sweet bakery. Ending this (incredibly long, silly) analogy, I actually do live above a bakery. It’s a Greggs. Yay.

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