Review: Alessi’s Ark at The Tamesis Dock

So, if anyone has had even a passing glance at my blog, or spoken to me for about 4 seconds, it’s pretty clear that I really like Alessi’s Ark. There’s not much that I would miss of Montreal for, but my friend Anthony who put on this show said I could DJ, plus the temptation of Alessi and lots of lovely friends on one boat was too much to resist. Though, I should probably add that my heart literally shattered into a thousand pieces when I found out of Montreal played The Party’s Crashing Us. Ouch, ouch, ouch. 

The Tamesis Dock is a charming little boat docked not to far from Vauxhall. It has the bottom deck, a deck above that, and then you can go out onto the roof. I was super lucky to have lots of lovely friends and folk I know there, it was one of the most homely shows of the year. I would love to live on a boat on the Thames. Think of all the fun we could have (!). If you were bored (I never have time to be bored these days, but still) you could just sail right out of the river and down to France. SIMPLE!

Anyway. This ship was docked and, alas, we did not set sail to France. Tristram was first, he was charming and did a great cover of Daniel Johnston’s Devil Town. Tristram had a sweet voice and the band sounded great together, here is his Myspace. Left With Pictures Were next. I saw them not long ago supporting my beloved She Keeps Bees. They were even better than last time and their songs have a sea chanty-esque feel that was very fitting.

Obviously, I was there for Alessi. I don’t know why, but I can’t think of anything to say, and I don’t much feel like writing a long winded review as if she were a bakery, or anything like that. She was wonderful. All I can write is that from the first time I saw her play I knew she was amazing. I still think she’s amazing, I think she’s more amazing than ever. Such a talented person. Her songs are beautiful, and she did her sweet cover of A Man And His Dream. It was also the first time I’ve seen her play an encore. Lovely, lovely, lovely. I figure if you haven’t investigated her yet, you never will. But here is her Myspace and from the bottom of my heart I recommend her so much.

Also, lovely lovely Lynn was there, yay, so stop over at For Folk’s Sake. Anthony, who put on the show, puts on lots of great shows, investigate The Moonshine Jamboree. And I also met Mark Gamble, poster-drawer extraordinaire, look at his lovely work. Sweet indeed.


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