Review: Au Revoir Simone at Pure Groove

For the entire day all I wanted was for it to be 6.30 and for me to be at Pure Groove. I left our office early because I had a suspicion that Pure Groove would end up being rammed. For once I was actually right, and getting there early definately paid off. The place filled up and it got very hot. 

There seemed to be some mix up with the times and the band arrived late and didn’t get to do a proper soundcheck. As a result, the sound was pretty terrible and it was clearly bothering the band. It was quite frustrating, and the fact that it was so hot didn’t help.

Nonetheless, the trio were brilliant. They played songs from Still Night, Still Light opting to omit any older material from their set. I love their latest record and it was sweet to hear the lovely songs live. My favourite from the album is easily Take Me As I Am. Annie got the crowd to clap a long and it was a beautiful thing to go with a truly beautiful song. I really adore this band. It’s so much fun to see a band you really love and sing a long. It was a shame the sound was so messed up, I’m looking forward to seeing the band do a full set on Saturday. Listen to Au Revoir Simone. Come see them on Saturday at everyone’s favourite music venue, Proud Galleries. In the autumn they’re playing a show with Alessi at Union Chapel. Win/win/win.

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