Review: Emmy the Great at Queen Elizabeth Music Hall

More Emmy! This time at the lovely Queen Elizabeth Hall. It was my first time visiting the venue, lucky for me my friend Bobbles got us the best seats in the house. They were super comfy seats, too. I was in seat-heaven. 

Sleeping States opened up the show, I saw him play back in February as a solo act, this time he was joined by a second guitarist, drummer and cellist. I enjoyed it much more and it seems like he’s come a long way since I last saw him play. The fuller sound gave the songs more of a punch, but there was still a healthy dose of some charming looping wizardry. The guitar parts are particularly lovely and I found they had moments of Beach House-esque dreaminess. I am intrigued to hear the album and I would quite happily see Markland and band play again.

During Sleeping States’ set Bobbles and I unfortunately got an epic case of the giggles. We were looking at Bobbles’ iphone pictures and there was one of Marianne Faithful that slowly came on to the screen. At the time, it was probably the funniest thing happening in the entire universe and it took us a couple of songs before we could be calm again. I love getting uncontrollable giggles, it reminds me of being in school assembly (!).

Emmy played the show with some help from her friends; the band was buffed out to a 7, sometimes 8, piece. There were two backing vocalists, one of which was Caroline Weeks (who I have seen play solo before and she was lovely), who accompanied Emmy with oooohs and ahhhhs which worked brilliantly and was a delight to hear.  The band played a long 17-song strong set. Emmy seemed much more cheery than the previous two times I’d seen her,  joking about swine flu and changing the words in First Love so it’s no longer Leonard Cohen’s Hallelujah but Michael Jackson’s Bad. The sound was great and I loved the epic lighting. They played a nice mixture of old and new songs and returned for a two song encore of Canopies and Drapes and City Song.

It was a great show, the best time I’d seen Emmy headline. Keep an eye on Bobbles’ blog for some tasty HD videos. Definately check out the Queen Elizabeth Hall if a gig comes up there, I enjoyed it. Listen to Emmy.

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