Review: Fever Ray at Shepherd’s Bush Empire

Last Thursday Fever Ray kindly treated Shepherd’s Bush to a nice healthy dose of WEIRD. I was super excited for the show, I figured it would be a bit different from the folky, low-key shows I am so often found at.

Before I even entered the main venue area, and again before I entered the photopit, I was specifically warned ‘DO NOT TOUCH THE MIRRORS!’. When I got in the pit I had a little look at the mirrors lined up across the front of the stage and got pretty excited about the imminent light and laser show.

The band opened with the rumbling bass of When I Grow Up. Karin was joined by four other band members all dressed in bizarre outfits that made them look like characters out of a Miyizaki film. The lights were super low and Karin hobbled to the centre of the stage with what looked like the rags of a dozen homeless folk atop her head. There were eight lamps scattered around the stage, which would flicker on and off, and before the set somebody had lit insence at either end of the stage. If I was younger I’m pretty sure it would have made good nightmare material. It suited the tone of the songs perfectly, and the atmosphere was brilliant. The crowd were clearly excited and the end of each song was met with huge applause and cheers. The light show was absolutely fantastic.┬áThe songs sound even better live. Fever Ray are a unique experience, and if the opportunity to see them live ever arises: GO GO GO GO GO GO GO.

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  1. gerlin July 20, 2009 at 7:06 pm #

    You express exactly how I felt after seeing her beginning of May. Karin is such an amazing person. I’ve always been a big fan of The Knife and it took me a while to get into Fever Ray but now I have… boy, she is such a talented lady! And her show is absolutely stunning. The only thing I find a bit if a pity is that you couldn’t see anything of her face. It adds to the mystery of the show of course but I’d just like to see what she looks like sometime. Hope I can catch her again in the future!

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