Review: Múm at Pure Groove

Múm. They really need that accent otherwise they are just your mum. Those ‘your mum’ jokes were stupidly popular in school. Anyway. Múm. They played as a seven piece and treated us to some Icelandic charm on Monday lunch time. I think the Icelandic have probably the best accents ever. They leisurely set up their equipment, which meant they ended up starting about half an hour late. This is the only trouble with instores, they frequently start late, which is fine unless you have other places to be.

But it was more than worth the wait. The band played songs from their latest record, Sing Along To Songs You Don’t Know. I didn’t know the songs all that well apart from the sweet If I Were A Fish, but they got me wanting to sing along. The title track from the album was particularly impressive and lovely to my ears. Pretty melodies, group vocals, beautifully arranged songs… go see Múm live.

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