Review: She Keeps Bees at The Britannia

She Keeps Bees at the Luminaire

Oh! My! I am thinking of this day and getting happy. I was lucky enough to take my sweet, amazing, super talented friend Alessi to see, the also sweet, talented and super amazing She Keeps Bees. I often wonder what I did to deserve so many amazing people and so much great music in my life (!!!).

Alessi and I nommed lunch and ice cream in the square by where I work, then I returned to work for a few hours and listened to She Keeps Bees and got a bit excited. After work we sauntered over to The Britannia. This time it was completely hitch-free! My ear is better, no tube strike, I know the way… and good company. A good combo. This was my fourth time seeing the lovely duo in the now, home away from home-esque, Britannia. Sweet for a couple of my favourite musicians to get to meet. We went and sat out in the garden with Jessica and Andy and ate food and drew (see! It was literally a combination of all the things I love rolled into one evening). Then we got more ice cream. I am resisting the urge to end every sentence with five million exclamation marks.

So, I will skip ahead to 10pm when She Keeps Bees started. Simply put, they are just a stunning live band. Jessica has a cold and was feeling a bit poorly, but they powered through their set and sounded wonderful nonetheless. When I watch and listen to them I get that feeling in my heart where I know I’m watching a really special band, and I feel incredibly lucky. I’ve come to love them hugely, I adore every time I get to see them play. Despite being ill, they ended with Ribbon, which just makes my heart swell with joy. I love it. It’s on their latest album, Nests, which is 25 minutes of pure genius. It’s short, which makes it so that as soon as you finish the album you want to listen again. I love it. The power of their songs really comes through live. Andy is a wonderful drummer. This band is fantastic and you should listen to their album and go see them.

That was a super lovely day. I feel grateful to Alessi and She Keeps Bees. They are both amazing. I love them. Check them both out and fall in love.

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