Review: She Keeps Bees at the Luminaire

How many She Keeps Bees live reviews am I destined to write? Hopefully many, many more! I love them and their live show. I really enjoyed having a weekly dose of She Keeps Bees for the past month. When I like a band, I really like a band. I really like She Keeps Bees. I can’t recommend them enough. They almost feel like a London band now. They are in Europe for a while, before they return to here in August. Imagine how sad I will be when they go back to Brooklyn (!!!).

They played a short set, during their final song, Gimmie, I got that swoony feeling in my heart where I think about what a brilliant band they are and what fantastic music they make. Lucky to witness such a treat! Come see them with me when they come back. 

Go to them! Oh yeah! Chief were headlining and they were awesome too. Here is Chief.

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