Review: Simone White at the Garage

The Garage has been done up and rebranded as the RELENTLESS Garage. It’s a garage, but it’s relentless. The venue lacked any character and I didn’t really like it much, though the sound was alright, which is good.

Or, perhaps it was just Simone White’s hypnotic vocal wizardry that was good. The lady has such a, seemingly effortlessly, beautiful voice. She has a new record out this year and played a few songs from that, including a really heavy one about an elderly friend who wants to die. It was beautiful, and she did a nice selection from her previous record, I Am The Man, including Roses Are Not Red and the ‘happy’ Beep Beep Song. I would have happily heard her sing for much longer, she was charming.

We stayed to watch Jesca Hoop too, who was quite the character. She has a powerful voice and her songs all tell stories, she was also very entertaining and worth investigating. I shall catch her again this weekend at the Wireless Festival.

Check out Simone White, I am yet to listen to her latest (though I did purchase it there, nom nom!) but her previous record is lovely and she is very good live. Catch her on Monday at 12 Bar Club if you wish. 

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