Review: Slow Club at Pure Groove

Before we headed to Pure Groove my friend Robin and I stopped by the park on West Smithfield where there was one of the street pianos. Despite neither of us having great piano skillz, it was alot of fun. I would definately recommend seeking one out if you’ve got some time to kill.

So! Onward to Pure Groove, where Slow Club were set up to play. They had a dodgy lead and opened with a lovely acoustic rendition of Wild Blue Milk. I really love seeing Slow Club play live, they always put so much gusto into their performance, and their songs are so poppy and fun.

Rebecca’s thumping drums and the dual vocals (I love the screamy parts!) are a joy to behold. They have some hot whistling skills too. They played songs from their latest record Yeah, So? including the lovely When I Go, Trophy Room and current single It Doesn’t Always Have To Be Beautiful. They finished playing and the crowd relentlessly cheered for an encore, so the duo decamped from the stage and did a lovely rendition of Christmas TV in the centre of the shop. Charming as ever, Charles and Rebecca put on another brilliant performance. The pair always seem to be in good spirits. Charles’ lead was acting up so instead of getting in a huff he played around pressing his thumb onto the metal and making some hip beats to dance to. I really enjoy Slow Club and I would recommend checking out their record and going to see them live, their Myspace is here. Go go go!

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