Review: St. Vincent at the ICA

Before the show I was super, super excited. After seeing Annie and band play on Sunday I knew that we would be in for a real treat at the ICA. I was not wrong!

But first, Blue Roses. The fourth time I have seen them this year. Laura Groves and her two band mates were cheerful and charming, I have alot of love for the beautiful I Am Leaving. They were wonderful and well received by the audience. But for me, all I wanted was for St. Vincent to start. 

Eventually the time came. I was squeeing with excitement, and the band were met with a huge round of applause and cheer from the audience when they took the stage, opening with the title track from St. Vincent’s debut album, Marry Me, before tearing into the brilliant Strangers from the masterpiece that is Actor. It was a thrilling set from start to finish. For Now Now they had the second mics rigged up with a delightful voice effect that made Annie and band sound chipmunk-esque for the you don’t mean that, say you’re sorry parts. It was a treat to hear Paris Is Burning after they missed it out on Sunday. Annie played it solo, and preluded it with a very long winded, humorous story that culminated in shaking David Byrne’s hand by a highway. Marrow was a set highlight, with the whole band rocking out plus the epic lights and smole, is was a visually exciting song as well as an absolute joy to hear.

The band left the stage after Just The Same But Brand New and returned for The Party and a fantastic performance of Your Lips Are Red. Seriously, go see St. Vincent live. You won’t regret it. Absolutely amazing, in the top 5 live acts of the year for me. Go see them!

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