Review: The Dø at the Camden Barfly

The Dø. As with Múm, they really need that accent. Otherwise their name is just The Do. One step below Dodos. 

Anyway. Last Friday I headed to the Barfly to catch French/Finnish duo The Dø. I had listened to their most recent album A Mouthful a few times that day and was pretty excited to see them after some pre-gig Nando’s (nom!). 

First on stage was Speech Debelle. Recently nominated for a Mercury Prize, she is undeniably talented. It wasn’t really my thing but I can appreciate she is very skilled. Then it was Terry Lynn….

Then finally time for The Dø. They opened with album opener Playground Hustle. They played a short set, I think it was only seven songs long. They were much rockier live than on record. It was a bit of a shame that they didn’t have singer Olivia Merilahti’s vocals loud enough, she’s got a brilliant voice. They had an additional drummer. They put alot of energy into their performance, both Dan and Olivia were clearly having fun rocking out, and the crowd was really into it. I would definately like to see them again. Check out their Myspace and I would also recommend giving A Mouthful a listen. Especially check out Stay, it’s my favourite of their songs. 


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  1. Alicia M. July 29, 2009 at 6:46 am #

    Hey Anika,

    How was Terry Lynn? She’s from Kingston, you know.

    • anikainlondon July 29, 2009 at 7:16 am #

      Really? I think I missed that.

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