Review: YACHT at Pure Groove

I was super excited to see YACHT after they postponed their last instore. I figured they would be a ton of fun, and they didn’t disappoint.

They put on a brilliant show. YACHT is the project of Jona Bechtolt, joined by his girlfriend Claire Evans. Between the pair of them through the course of their set they probably expend enough energy to propel some form of missile over a huge distance. They danced, jumped, swang their mics about. It was just a lovely dose of fun, and  a nice lighthearted break from all the heavy albums I can’t help but listen to all day long at work. The whole shop was their stage, they danced on tables, collapsed in chairs, Claire came round and tapped everyone on the forehead, Jona gave my photographer friend Gabriel a little dance… it was great! They showed us their new music video, which they were super excited about, and they gave us a nifty power point presentation showing us where they live.

If you get the chance to go see YACHT and are up for some fun- go! GO! More photos here.

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