Ohhh, I have been too busy to update my blog. Too busy having a wonderful time, that is! So, feast your ears on this for the time being:

Today was the loveliest of days. I went to work for a while, then got lunch and ice cream with Alessi, then went back to work for a bit. Met up with Alessi again and walked over to The Britannia, had some nom noms in the garden with Jess and Andy and Alessi. Nice to sit with some super warm, sweet people and eat food. Perfect combo. More ice cream. More She Keeps Bees. They ended with Ribbon, which is my favourite of their songs and one of my favourite live songs, ever. Without being fantastical and unrealistic, today literally could not have been any sweeter. It was a treat for me to introduce some of my favourite musicians to each other. Great times.

I feel so lucky to have so many nice people and so much fantastic music in my life. I couldn’t ask for any more. Thanks, world. I think good spirits are infectious, so, if you want to, you should come along to the Luminaire tomorrow and see She Keeps Bees with me. Or you can go see Alessi play, too. You can’t go wrong. Lovely.

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  1. DMUKGR July 2, 2009 at 10:06 am #

    I felt sorry for Jess though – she seemed to be suffering badly with a cold. It still was a great gig though. As it is a paid gig tonight, it will be interesting to see if the set is longer. Not that I will be there though – but, I did buy my EndOfTheRoad ticket today o/

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