Sharon Van Etten

Oh! I was just thinking about this amazing lady and listening to her beautiful voice. I would quite happily be AnikainBrooklyn for a while. I wish there was a way to have all my favourites in one place. I don’t think Wildbirds play in New York as much as they play here, and I know for a fact Alessi doesn’t, unless she is super stealthy about it. But, Brooklyn has Sharon. +73192310120 points for Brooklyn. Her album is beautiful, it graces my eardrums frequently. I recommend it hugely. 

I feel lucky to have met her. Lately I’ve been thinking of all the sweet folk who I have met… I am not worthy. Truly. She is such a kind heart. She introduced me to She Keeps Bees… and look how much I love them now. When we spent the day lounging around Hackney Sharon wrote me a list of bands, it included Here We Go Magic, who I am super excited to see play in a couple of days. 

I can’t wait until I next see Sharon play. I guess waiting for some months will make it even lovelier and more heartwarming. Please go to her Myspace and listen to her beautiful songs. 


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