Alessi’s Ark- A Man And His Dream

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I was/am just chatting to my good friend Bobbles via the medium of MSN. When talking about music with me conversation will probably eventually take a natural turn to the very very very very very special Alessi’s Ark. She’s one of my most favourites and just in a level of her own. So brilliant. Anyway, Bobbles sent me this video. I got properly swoony. AWWWWH. This was such a strange night. I had walked for 40 minutes in pretty horrible rain and was still feeling a bit bleghhhh after doing terrible in my maths exam the day before, and then there was Alessi. A beacon of brilliance, what a sweet find. She did this cover, it was the second time I had seen her do it, the first time was in December, before I knew her or anything about her. She covered the song and I was like ‘NO WAY’ because it was my favourite song from that record and I had never met anyone who liked Neva Dinova before. What a winner! So watch the video. It’s a special song to begin with, and Alessi’s cover is special to me. And for the millionth time I recommend Alessi’s Ark.

And I’m not sure if I have blogged about Neva Dinova before, but I’ve been a fan for years, back in the days where I loved all the Saddle Creek and Team Love bands. The self titled record remains one of my favourite records ever. Jake Bellows makes some really, truly beautiful songs and you should investigate his music.  Neva Dinova.

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