Almost one year…

I was just reflecting on the past year. It’s approaching September, which is when I moved into my halls on Old Street ready to start university. Well, look how brilliantly that turned out (!). Pfft, who needs university, right?! I was thinking about all of the truly wonderful, amazing, talented, creative people I’ve had the pleasure of meeting since I moved to London. At university I didn’t really fit in with the business studies folk, and considering how much I despised the course, things could have been pretty miserable if it wasn’t for all the fantastic shows and sweet people I’ve met. I think that they’re all wonderful and should know that I’m super glad to be in the company of such fine folk so frequently.

So, I moved to London in September, thus making it sensical to affix ‘in London’ to my name and adventures. I went to a whole bunch of Pure Groove instores right away, after the delightful discovery that Pure Groove was ten minutes walk from where I lived. One of the first people I met was Chalky. We met at the of Montreal  show at Koko and met again a few times. She told me about her sweet blog Terrible Love Songs, and also introduced me to CrazyBobbles, photographer extraordinaire. What a talent! One of London’s finest. Bobbles introduced me to John, who introduced me to Adam. Adam is a brilliant, talented writer, who uses lots of words that do not enter into my vocabulary (because they have lots of syllables n’stuff). 

In November I went along to a Bandstand Busk on a grey, cold, wet and rainy day. Bandstand Busking has been, without any doubt, one of the best things I’ve had the pleasure of being involved in this year. I met the team who run the busks. Padraic, a member of the Bandstand Busking folk, also introduced me to his blog Ragged Words. A couple of weeks later it was the Loney Dear busk, which is where I met Emil and the band he was playing with. Christian and Sebasatian of the very talented Leisure Society were present, as well as Mr Richard Thane. Rich is a real gem in the London music world. He is one of the two Riches that run The Line of Best Fit, one of the best online music magazines around. He let me become a photographer for the site and also showcased my comics for a while. Through the site, another brilliant writer, Peter Bloxham saw my comics. I met him and, another of London’s best photographers, Sonny Malhotra, and I got to hear all about their fantastic magazine – Arts And Things.

More busks ensued. In February I saw someone, who right from the very start I knew was wonderful. Alessi’s Ark. Truly special, London is lucky to have this amazing person in this city. What a joy to meet her, everything aligned brilliantly. She busked and to this day, from the bottom of me heart, I think she’s a brilliant artist, musician and person. I’ve met so many  other wonderful people at busks, including one of the founding members of the best site for upcoming, past and present gigs (Songkick!), Ian Hogarth. I met Brooke there, who also works at Songkick and is a talented musician herself. Little did I know that I’d end up working for these fine people. Ian and Thomas are two of the other folk behind Bandstand Busking. It’s a pleasure to see them every time there’s a busk, they also run

Then through various other strokes of luck, I’ve had the pleasure of meeting other people who run brilliant websites and have great talents. At the Slaughtered Lamb I met Alan Pedder, the editor of Wears The Trousers, a sweet and lovely magazine which features alot of my most favourite artists. I met Lynn at a Bandstand Busk, a wonderful person who runs For Folk’s Sake along with her friend Helen. At Pure Groove I met Cian Traynor, a journalist who writes music blog See What You Hear. Right at the start of 2009 I met a lovely, sweet man called James Penycate who runs Brilliantly Different. He has a good heart and works so hard for music, completely wonderful. Earlier in the year I also met a man called Will Rees who puts on the Electroacoustic club nights at the Slaughtered Lamb. Those nights are always so lovely (and you should go to one!)

I’ve met so many other people who just adore music and have such good spirits, and are positive to be around. Even recently, I’ve had the pleasure of meeting wonderful people like Chris Lucraft, whose enthusiasm is completely infectious. He helps run the Broken Sound Music label, home to my recent favourites Forest Fire. Adam Killip, frontman to The Tailors and one of the maestros at Trash Aesthetics, has been a joy to meet. It’s a pleasure to meet the promoters that put on such fine shows, like Roy Marmelstein, who seems to share the exact same music taste as I do, and puts on some epic shows under the Platforms:Live banner. Howard and Lucy are two of the folk behind The Local, and they are a pair of sweet people and London is lucky to have them putting on shows here.

Besides all these people, I’ve met so many other amazing people who have been so kind and lovely to me. Musicians, bloggers, photographers, writers, website builders, record label people… so much goodness. It’s always a pleasure to meet people who’ve read my blog and I really appreciate folk coming to say hello. It means alot. It touches my heart whenever anyone says I helped them find a band or encouraged them to go to a show. It really does (!!!).

I really appreciate having met everyone I’ve met. When I was at school none of my friends cared for music, and I never got to talk about it with anyone. It was a shame, because it’s something I love so much. It’s a dream to be able to share the music I love and support and to meet so many enthusiastic people, and people who just work so hard for music. Look up all these wonderful people. It’s exciting to have met some of the best people in London, an honor to call them friends, and I’m excited to hopefully meet many more. I love it and am grateful. Thanks, London. 


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  1. james p August 23, 2009 at 11:32 am #

    it’s your love and enthusiasm that makes us all love you a little bit anni x

  2. Crazybobbles August 23, 2009 at 11:52 am #

    It’s definitely been a rollercoaster year. That was pretty much around the time when I met most of the folks you mentioned. It’s a lovely community of music lovers entangled with bands and nandos. It’s been a pleasure to have met you too. The cool thing is knowing that even if we didn’t meet at of Montreal gig. We’d most likely will bump into each other at sone point. That or one of us will be a csg type character haha

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