Busy like a bee

The bees aren’t that busy this time of year though, are they? What happens to bees in winter? I am keen to know. Anyway, moving on… semi-unfortunately, I have given up my free night in this week in favor of eating Nando’s with Alessi. WORTHY CAUSE. This means that I don’t have a night in until Friday, so I might build up a little backlog of posts and reviews. Blogging at 1 am makes my eyes hurty, you see. I shall perhaps post a few things in my lunch break at work. I still have several million parts to my interview with the lovely Family of the Year to post. And I want to write all about that insane Monotonix show I went to on Monday. And of course, it’s I’m From Barcelona on Thursday…

Also, when I am tired and my bones are tired too, I always think of the beautiful She Keeps Bees song Bones Are Tired. It’s on Nests and is a beautiful a’cappella song. Go find it and have a listen!

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