I haven’t blogged about Cryptacize in a while, but I would like to re-iterate the fact that I think they’re amazing. They’ve got a whole bunch of tour dates supporting Sufjan Stevens on his tour through September and October.

When I was pesting them after their Union Chapel show (I was all swoony and couldn’t resist) Nedelle said they hope to be back here in the autumn. I really hope that they do come over soon. Out of the 300+ bands I’ve seen this year they’re still in my top 10. Mythomania is one of my favourite records this year. They’re brilliant performers and such fun live, make sure you see them when they come back. In the mean time, listen to their songs. That picture of Chris doing one of those ankle clicky jumps is how good Cryptacize is. They make you do ankle clicky jumps. Whether you want to or not.


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