Epic Update

Oh, neglected blog. Not really neglected, just un-updated since Thursday. I am super, super, super busy these days. I work all week then I am lucky enough to have sweet friends to do stuff, like eat with, all weekend. Eating is pretty great, if I didn’t do this music blog and didn’t like music then I’m pretty sure I’d have a blog located at anikaeatslondon.wordpress.com. Instead of going to a show each night, I’d eat something different each night. Nando’s would be the equivalent of liking Alessi’s Ark, and Gregg’s would be She Keeps Bees. Scary Mansion would be like Thai Thai, as in, a real treat, that I don’t get to see often. Wildbirds would be ice cream. 

Anyway, here is an update of all these things I’ve done this past week, all in one post. So I can metaphorically kill a flock of birds with one stone. It’s an amazing, dynamite stone. 

SUNDAY: Last Sunday was a pretty amazing day. I saw David Thomas Broughton, Micachu, Treetop Flyers and First Aid Kit Bandstand Busking. Treetop Flyers were brilliant.

MONDAY: I saw Dent May at lunch and went to Luminaire with my friend Lynn who runs tasty For Folk’s Sake. I Said Yes were fun and Broadcast2000 were especially brilliant.

TUESDAY: Tuesday I met up with Alessi and we had fun Nando’s-centric consumption. And ice cream. Then we saw Treetop Flyers play and they were fun.

WEDNESDAY: I went to Alessi’s exhibition at Riverside Studios in Hammersmith. It was lovely, you should go.

THURSDAY: I caught Wild Beasts at lunch and helped the lovely Lucy from The Local running the Depedro/Sweet Billy Pilgrim show at the Slaughtered Lamb. Then I got epically rained on in the monsoon-esque rain on the way home.

FRIDAY: I switched it up and helped lovely Mr Howard Monk from The Local running the Alessi/Mariee Sioux show at Cafe OTO. It was a special show and I would recommend investigating Mariee Sioux. And Alessi, of course.

And then today Alessi and I got about 4 hours sleep and went on an epic quest across North London for the entire day. We ate alot of food. Like, a fill of food to feed half a dozen people. Tomorrow Alessi is playing at a Wildlife thing. It’s sold out, and I’m sure it’s going to be wonderful.

Next week is equally busy. Good times.

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