Good people!

Lately, with it almost being a year since I first moved to London (and I am overly sentimental about stuff like that), I’ve been thinking of all the wonderful folk I have met. I think about it alot, I am actually in complete awe of alot of my friends and the sweet people I’ve met. And not just the people I’ve met, everyone who has ever left a comment or wrote me a sweet email… I really appreciate it. It’s very lovely to have met people and to have people come say hello because they’ve read my blog. It’s such a treat and I love it. Here are two wonderful people I am appreciating alot right now: 

1) PAULA! Paula is a sweet lady who adores live music and it’s always a pleasure to see her at shows. She is especially wonderful because of this:

She baked ginger bees for She Keeps Bees (!!!). Jessica gave one to Bobbles and I and I can confirm that they were tasty. If I was less inept I would love to bake something for Jess and Andy, but I wouldn’t want to kill one of my favourite bands with some sort of death-cake. Actually, I’m not that bad at baking, just, everything I bake always looks ugly. Nevermind

2) GERLIN! Gerlin is from Ghent and is amazing. She is one of the ladies behind Neon Englightenment and has a sweet, kind spirit. Earlier this year I sent her some drawings and in return she sent me this beautiful letter and some Belgian chocolate:

Yay for these lovely people. I’m very lucky indeed. If you ever want to come say hello, please do.

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  1. gerlin August 27, 2009 at 4:28 pm #

    Awww Anika you are too kind! I really hope I get to see you when I come to London. I don’t even know when I’m coming to London but when I am, I’ll let you know for sure! Thank you :-)

  2. Gisèle August 29, 2009 at 11:34 pm #

    That was a sweet thing to say about Gerlin and you’re absolutely right about her. Only, she doesn’t really spend enough time in Ghent to actually be living here, no, she lives in a town where there are only old people. In my memory she has to walk through fields to get to the stores, although she firmly denies that.

    I’m not as sweet as she is and I can’t cook, but I can throw a good food fight, can I say hello to you too when I’m in London next week?

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