Handmade in Hammersmith

Tonight I went to see Alessi’s Handmade exhibition in Hammersmith. It was free and I had OJ from a wine glass. Alessi is amazing, what a talent. Go and see her drawings. Good skillz. The drawings are housed in Riverside Studios, which, aptly, is by the river. If you are a fan of nautical contraptions which go by the name of ‘boats’ then it’s pretty cool. You can stand by the river and think up plans on how to hijack boats and steal compasses. All whilst drinking OJ from a wine glass. AMAZING.

And while on topic of good skillz, Alessi is playing on Friday at Cafe OTO with Mariee Sioux and again on Sunday at a Hunga Munga wildlife thing. I’d go if I were you. I’d go if I were me. Oh, wait…..

Listen to Alessi!


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