Hooray for Tyson Vogel

Two Gallants are a band that I have loved for a long time, years, but I don’t blog about much, or ever. I saw them play last year and I adored Tyson’s hypnotic drumming. I enjoyed the whole show, I thought the pair of them, both Adam and Tyson, were brilliant.

I’ve seen some great drummers this year (the obvious one springing to mind is Andreas of Wildbirds & Peacedrums) but Tyson really is in a league of his own.

I had the pleasure of seeing him play with Port O’Brien tonight, and he really is something special. He’s such a skilled drummer, but on top of that, he’s completely mesmerizing to watch. He just puts all his force and energy into the drums, it’s almost like he could collapse at any moment. Such a joy to watch, it was a real treat to see him perform tonight. So lovely to see so much energy and passion. Completely wonderful. If you haven’t ever listened to Two Gallants, I really recommend them. Fantastic band. Listen.

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