Hospice, Antlers UK shows

This is one of my most favourite records of the year, it’s such a special creation, like no other. It may as well be just one long song, because once I press play on Prologue, I have to follow it all the way through to Epilogue. I won’t listen to the album if I know I have to stop or go somewhere before I have time to listen all the way through. I think I’ve almost listened to the album 50 times all the way through, and I still find parts where I just have to do a little swoon, because it’s so rich and lovely.

I think you should listen to them. Here. Also, before this record came out, I was (and still am) a fan of their previous record, In The Attic Of The Universe. I also recommend that.

Then, come see them with me at these places: 02/09- 229, 03/09- The Macbeth, 04/09 (1.15pm)- Pure Groove, 04/09- The Lexington.

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