Interview: Forest Fire

Forest Fire

photo by Victoria Jacob

Forest Fire are a wonderful band based in Brooklyn, led by Mark Thresher. They recently played a couple of London shows and have had their record, Survival, released over here by the Broken Sound Music label. It’s a brilliant record and you can pick it up at Rough Trade. I really recommend catching them when they’re next over here, and you can listen to their songs here. Mark answered a few questions.

Photo by Victoria Jacob.

A ‘challenge’! Can you think of two sentences that rhyme to describe your band?

Nope. ):

I love Survival. Are you happy with the way it turned out? Favourite parts of the record?

Thanks for listening to the record! I am happy with it. My favorite track is I Make Windows. I’d have to go with Nathan’s guitar solo in the same song, as my favorite part..

You were playing some (wonderful!) new songs when I saw you live, how many new ones have you got and is the next album on the way?

We have a lot of new ones. Plenty of work to be done.

How would you like the next album to sound in relation to Survival?

I’m hoping the next record comes across as a more direct thought.

How long have you been writing music? What was your first instrument and where did you get it?

I was 13. My uncle gave me a guitar. I wrote my first song later that day.

Can you tell us about Scareplane?

I’m not allowed to talk about it yet, thank you so much for asking, and please stay tuned.

Brooklyn is so rich with alot of truly brilliant bands that I love hugely -Scary Mansion, Sharon Van Etten, She Keeps Bees, The Antlers etc etc, who are your favourite local bands and do you have any other recommendations?

Shilpa Ray and Her Happy Hookers.

What’s your favourite place to play and why?

France, beautiful people.

How was your trip to London? Did you get to see any of the city at all? And how was La Route Du Rock?

London was amazing, saw a lot. I love that market. France even more amazing. La Route Du Rock was a blast. It was my first time in Europe and I can’t wait to go back in the fall.

Do you ever read your own reviews? Why or why not?

I do sometimes, it’s usually a drag. It’s nice that people are writing about us, but reviews just sound like a bunch of people agreeing to me. I welcome all perspectives, but I rarely feel like I’m getting as many as I want to hear.

Do you ever do any covers?

I don’t like doing covers that much.  We did this one Bob Marley song “Chances Are.”

What are your hopes for the rest of 2009?

Get back to Europe!

I love Forest Fire. Listen to the songs!

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